Bull terrier

Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame

Here you will see our select few, elite dressed up dogs which have made it into the eternal Hall Of Fame. This brings enormous pride to selected canines. Our judges retain all final decisions.

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3 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame”

  1. I just saw this Website lol, is it new ??? some cool dog peeps sniffing around already. I have an Airedale Terrier that runs like the wind. But we are giving him something for it…..go Amigo’s awesum idea Gav

  2. please admin are u going to have any chew wah wahs in the comps coming up ??
    My Rolly is like a lil sausage on sticks and pretty fast runner bye Lee

  3. Hello i am liking your dog pages. My dog is a Pharaoh breed. He is only 9 months but very good swimmer. Thank you Mohamed

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