Songs for dogs to sing


Songs and Poems for Dogs

Note : this is the composer’s recommendation…  If singing this song in  Germany or in Switzerland –  or for any Dogs performing this Classic number, it should be Yodeled !!

Surfer Yodel der Dachshund

Board board dogs on the board, dogs on the board oh yeah !!

A dog is hip to wave ride scene

he looks so cool, he’s strong and lean

got number 47 and a bone on his board

never fallen or dropped his cord!

Board board dogs on the board, dogs on the board oh yeah !!

He kicks out straight as he looks for a rise

this hound has a tube in front of his eyes

he enters the tunnel at massive speed

his bone board racing like a startled steed

Coming out the tunnel at a hundred and ten

the fastest surfer there’s ever been

many jaws drop this legend to be

hanging eighteen as he cuts the sea

Board board dog on the board, dog on the board oh yeah !!



Here’s a Video of Dog Tricks to Music

To be continued …

The Editors, Top Model Dog

Here’s a Song for Editor Geoff


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7 thoughts on “Songs”

  1. That Border Collie is an amazing teacher lol. The way he taught that human all those tricks looks so convincing it had me fooled.

  2. Rene C – hey yeah the Border Collie I believe is an Australian breed. So healthy and happy a young dog – a pleasure to see how well it performs, with so much darn Energy. That’s why it’s a perfect sheep dog. 🙂

  3. Tillman is a great dog and can really ride and stay up so long. Is Neville Swordfish a real name ??? I saw his name on this website.

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