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Chinese version request for photo of a dog dressed up for fun and happy laughter:


欢迎光临我们的网站,您发送给我们的照片你的狗打扮。是的,即使狗可能有丰厚的建模事业在2014年。和第一100狗和业主提交他们打扮小狗同伴将免费加入。三个最高的狗模型将进入名人堂 – 所有的时间犬识别,以及在以后的活动竞争的优胜者。这难道不是令人兴奋?





顺便说一句 – 我们的隐私政策意味着,你可以放心,您的个人信息是安全的我们,将永远不会与任何第三方共享。你打扮的狗的照片仅限使用本网站



Dog in Beijing, China
Having fun with your pet dog

This is a bilingual page inviting Chinese dog owners in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all mainland areas and regions, in simplified Mandarin to share pet dog photos with this Web site. You will gain free publicity of your beloved pet dog. Thank you.


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17 thoughts on “Chinese”

  1. Do you live in Beijing? Do you walk your dog in the evenings, or even dress up your pet dog? Do you live in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Taiwan or another city? Wherever you are in the World, please send us a photo of your beloved and cute dog, dressed up. It could be for any occasion. Dressed up for the beach, for the City promenade, for night club life – anything at all.

    Thank you from the hearts of The Founders, Craig and Geoff

  2. Awesome! Send me photos of your dog, all dressed up. Please include any details about your dog’s breed, country, pedigree or history if you want to. Thanks! Ed.

  3. Updated today with a simple clear set of messages. I want to see a photo of your lovely, small pet dog dressed up. Do you take photos of your puppy or fully grown dog? I’d love to see them. Thank you.

  4. Wilson, enjoy your shopping trips to the mall with Shooi, hey! I heard you have a Hong Kong connection? We just invited peeeps from HK to come and visit us, with their doggie pics – cool, eh?!

  5. My dog is a 3 years old Chow breed, he cry and he howl if he hear Justin Bieber song on a TV but he dont like

  6. It nice to see happy dogs in video. i love to have a big fluffy dog like that Chow. He very cuddly one !!! thanks for nice place for Chinese people to visit on internet. Please all the luck for your web site, Andrea

  7. Ok men, this is a really good approach. I haven’t seen a better dog site around. I had two Labs when we lived in Kruger Park back home. Please everybody look after your dogs and enjoy your time with them however short it may be !!! Case.

  8. We have cute Bichon Frise doogy, he gets cold playtime at Beach. He got Chinese hair style and very happy.

  9. Hi Jeeef, i live in Morrinsville and run $2 shop. We got new Dalmatian puppy called Bowow. He understand Chinese instructions. He can eat a soft toy from the shop. My Wife cry cause he so funni. I rike your internet becose good for all dogs. No discrimination.

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