Dog wearing a Mexican hat is dressed up for the City

Dress Up Items

This is where you will have even more fun! We’ve found some great dress up items for your dog. And a book packed with dog-dressing ideas! Get the book in English or in Chinese! Find out a whole new¬† World of ideas that’s waiting for you – right now! Woof! Lick.

Place your mouse or cursor over any single item in the slide show, and more information will appear about that item, such as its price, star rating and its availability. Customer service will impress you. Just click through and discover ..


How To Dress Up Your Dog

What have we got for you? Well, my personal favorite is the Melissa & Doug Police Officer Uniform item, (with many accessories) – ideal for creative variations on the uniform theme. Hehe. A very fun item! See too the ‘how to’ books that are available right here through – one explains dressing up your dog, heaps of ideas for you to start with, in English, while another dog dressing book is a Chinese Edition. You can buy one and share it with a good friend, or give a book away as a birthday gift, etc. Show your book at the dog club.. and send others along here, to join in the fun. We’re associated with because Amazon has top rated customer service to keep you and your dog very happy!

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  1. Hi Archer here from Yarloop in Western Australia. Do you have any Country Dogs or Cowboy style ??? Cowboy hat and Dryzabone coat would look cool in pictures for country folk like us, lots of love A. Bowman

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