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Woof! Welcome to our site where you send us photos of your dog dressed up.  Yes, even dogs may have lucrative modeling careers in 2014 on..  And the first 100 dogs and owners submitting their dressed up doggie companions will join for free. Three top dog models will go into The Hall Of Fame – for all time canine recognition, along with competition winners in later events. Isn’t this exciting? Woof! Tail wagging ..

News! Heroic Bull Terrier Saves Owner’s Life

Debunking the myth of the vicious pit-bull. This loyal, keen, human loving bull terrier dragged her collapsed owner from the path of a thundering train! Watch the video for proof of Bull Terrier loyalty:


This story is so incredible, it can’t be missed! Lily, a beautiful Pit Bull rescued by a police officer and then given to his mother, is the epitome of loyalty and bravery. Her human, while battling alcoholism for many years and doing quite well, received devastating news. She relapsed and then passed out right on the train tracks.
Read more at The Animal Rescue Site. Thanks for the article.












|9480b95d7d75a80af1641657fe860bd5| Send us a picture of your dog, dressed up, together with its name and relevant details, being type of dog, any special breeding background and country of origin.

Send your photos to us right now, using this special, exclusive for dressed dogs email address:  sendphoto @ topmodeldog.com

We’re so excited here. Yes, really.. this new venture is quickly proving itself to be a wonderful, fun experience and totally rewarding and satisfying for ALL involved, even our salivating doggie friends who we love so much! “..WOOF!!”

Send us your positive comments at any time and there might well be rewards coming your way! Thanks so much for your participation at TopModelDog.com where both you and your dressed up dog are appreciated more deeply than you’ll ever know. Thank you!

And by the way – our Privacy Policy means that you can rest assured that your personal details are safe with us and would never be shared with any third party. Your dressed dog photos are restricted to this site only and would require your written, emailed permission before they went any further. That is our strict policy; however, we cannot be held liable for the consequences of viruses, spy ware, other malware or computer hacking that might occur without our knowledge. Life is never 100% without risk and we trust you’ll understand that our intentions are always good.

Have fun with us. Send your dressed dog photo, today!

Here’s a quick example of a Labrador retriever,  ‘Bo’ dressed up as a police cadet dog:


police cadet dog
Bo, Police Cadet Dog


Remember – Send photo of dressed up dog

Craig and Geoff,  & The Team



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29 thoughts on “Send Us A Photo Of Your Dog Dressed Up”

  1. Excitement builds in this historic, barking moment: just WHO is going to be the first to submit us a dressed dog photo? My bones are telling me it will be Creve, frequent site visitor…

  2. I live in County Cork Erin and my dog is green with envy. He is a Beagle and his name is Begorrah. nice idea lads !! Kyle

  3. Here’s the brief story behind Bo’s example picture, of a dressed up dog. Bo is a wonderfully friendly Golden Labrador, living in Western Australia. His owner wanted to be a policeman, but trained for something else, then made sure Bo could enjoy being a police cadet dog. Here, in the picture above, Bo stands on 2 legs jus’ like a — policeman! Yesss

  4. Love to see new ideas for doggies. My husband and I have 3 Corgi’s. One is a 3 month old puppy called Cilantro and his mum and dad are Doris and Glenda.

  5. I am in NZ army and wondered if its ok to dress my German Shepherd in military flack gear ??? Dont want to upset sensitive owners. Pal is a great dog and my best friend. Great ideas for dogs fellas. Keep up the good work.

  6. Rana und myself love der dogs getting dressed up. Our little puppy Hovy is ein Labrador cross yah !! He is crazy dog around feed time but we love him always !! Ollie

  7. I had a dog and his name was Blue !!
    Bet u five dollars, he’s a good dog too
    Hey come on Blue, your a good dog too !!

    th anks Singer

  8. We live in Gippsland and have two Silky Terriers a Border Collie and a pet Joey on the farm. Like this site about dogs. thanks Colleen.

  9. My husband Kurt a i was looking for dog information and we find your dog website. It is very good, informative but funny too. Yah !! Kurt was enjoying the story about some of dogs. I tell him you too old 53 for this story but he just barked and rolled over. bye Meggy

  10. My dog is looking for a small polka dot skirt to wear for my Daughter 7th birthday, she is 6 and a half now so not a hurry and any color ok, small Corgy type dog, needs dress with hole for tail. thankyou in advance Miz Streat

  11. Hello, i am just moving from Mumbai to Patea. Can you help me for best dog for gard. Is a big dog allowed for in Patea ? it is a small town in New Zealand

    thank you so much Colin Vishnu

  12. Hello to administration. Do you think a chip is best for my dog or just a collar and tag ??? He is a Great Dane and good jumper and full of beans G Fry

  13. Hello, we have recently aquired a Gordonson Hound. We took her in from relatives that moved overseas. Her name is Minky !! quite apt as she is rather large i might say, love your page Mrs B..

  14. Soon we are getting dog. We saw your website and decided its time to get a nice Gordonson puppy. We expecting first child and be good pet for growing up together. thankyou for the nice dog web page and great ideas. Riff and Val

  15. I often take my little dog for walk around Ponsonby, she loves the exercise and me too !! good to see positive website guys Margie

  16. Got two Wolfhounds here in Gettysburg and we saw your site when looking for ideas for dogs. Trent and Grace

  17. Have got a Border Collie too !!! her name is Elm. Very smart dog and loves doing tricks and jumping high. Bee Bee

    1. Awesome stuff… Elm, the Border Collie. They’re great for learning tricks and very loyal. Have you ever dressed Elm up? How about a photo anyway – natural or dressed up?

  18. I am happy living at Patea New Zealand. The old freezing works reminds me of home outside Mumbai. I now got big white Samoyd dog and i called him Freezer. We are allowed some more dogs in Patea. thankyou Colin V

  19. Please remember to Send us a photo of your dressed up, pet dog or puppy! Or of one in your friendly doggie neighborhood….

    The Editors

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  21. We have an English Bull Dog named Brexit. He is very independent and a great watch dog. He wears a Seiko digital watch. He likes to sleep in the Sun under our hedge. His favorite dinner is a Madras Beef Curry but after he have to stay outside ha ha !!!!

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