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Feed Your Dog For A Shiny Coat Of Hair

How To Feed Your Dog For A Shiny Coat Of Hair

As you know, dog competitions require a shiny coat. The dog’s hair must radiate out your loving kindness you’ve shown your pet over the weeks preceding the show or competition. Good condition is a huge boost to your chances of winning an award. The body of a dog is a protein factory,  just like yours. You need, then, a good supply of the right types of amino acids and naturally sourced vitamins and enzymes. We’ve found something that you simply must see, to get your dog the edge in these dress up competitions!

It is a highly informative video about nutritious treats for your high performing and much loved pet dog:

This video will show you how to feed your dog for a shiny coat of hair and general doggie wellbeing. Make sure you enjoy this awesome dog food video. Great!

Woof! Admin hopes you pick up some great ideas for showing your dog in a better light – using these two video sources. The first doggie video at the top of the page points you in the general direction that we are moving in, here at Top Model Dog. The green text link takes you to expertise in the dog nutritional arena. Thanks and do enjoy!

P.S. Folks, you can scan this QR code easily to gain much quicker access if you’re using a smartphone with a scanner app – these apps are available absolutely free at Google PlayStore and Apple App Store…  as you know:

dog food secrets nutrition for canines
Dog Food Secrets you need to know for a shiny coat of hair


Nutrition is always, bar none, the optimal method to achieve a shiny coat of hair on your canine companion. If you are interested in putting doggie Rover or Alfie into a dog show, the get the best nutritional supplements and food. The attendees and judges always admire most, a happy, energetic, yet well disciplined dog with a surprisingly shiny coat of hair. It stands to reason. Health equates to beauty in canines as well as in human beings. Attend first to the levels of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids such as marine triglycerides. That will work wonders with shininess of the coat.

Geoff Dodd,