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How To Talk Intelligently With Dogs

How to talk canine with your pet dog

You can easily talk with a dog, and predict how the dog will respond. First, you must assure yourself that the canine friend is not a neurotic or worse – a complete lunatic or psychotic dog. Some are .. so beware.

You must understand that dog communication and dog behavior are lawful. These animals use fairly stereotypical sounds and symbols. Not all woofs and barks are equal. There’s a curious, friendly and interested woof, and there’s a low warning growl, and an all out war cry!

Approach the dog slowly, expressing warm, positive, good vibes, saying, “Hello boy. Nice to see you now. How are you?”

Wait for the reply. Watch closely for cues and signals.

Positive Responses:

A wagging tail, a curious turn of the head, smiles, most approach behaviors, bounding forward, licking — are all very positive ┬áresponses.

Negative responses:

Standing firm, defensive postures, warning sounds, such as a low growl… Action? Back away slowly, keeping your eyes on the animal.

Keep up the good vibrations. Reassure the dog that you mean no threat or harm. Nothing to defend against. No fight to happen, no territorial disputes whatsoever …

Talking With Dogs – How To Communicate:


Learn the doggie language. Look for the same cues and signals that dogs would use in their own communications. Tiny movements of the ears, the lips, any teeth-baring? Our human smile might be semi aggressive teeth baring behavior to a dog. Tail movements, up, down, sideways, watch and respond carefully as some, deep unconscious part of your reptilian nervous system will understand all of these canine and mammalian signs, signals and movements. Believe firmly that you are equipped to understand a dog and they’ll love you all the more for trying.

Simple acknowledgement of a basic bio equality – man with animals – leading to unity in communications, will take you a long, long way towards being an expert dog whisperer! Here’s how to talk canine with your beloved pet dog. Communicate better with all dogs. All the best to you, dog lover, for making a concerted yet relaxed effort in trying to communicate better with both your pet dog, and most so called strange dogs. Remember, we’re not responsible for damages if you get your canine communicating a little bit wrong or asynchronous.

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