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Performing Dogs – Dog Obedience Training

Performing dogs back flip trick
German Shepherd Does a Back Flip in sync with the dog owner


HD Videos Of Performing Dogs

We at Top Model Dog are not easily impressed, or over prone to getting excited – but today? Wow…. we are so, mightily impressed with these videos of performing dogs, as the level of dog obedience training involved here, is stupendous. A big Woof!! is heard issuing out of our upper storey administrative suite. If you want to see heeling, backwards stepping, perfect timing, then these doggie videos are certainly your cup of canine cappuccino. Here’s the first series:


Isn’t that an awesome showing of dog discipline? Performance like that requires a top model dog and a lot of very skillful training, as you know.. The level of obedience exhibited here, above, suggests to the editors of Top Model Dog that the dog is totally loving and enjoying the whole experience! It is not ‘forced’ at all, is it?

Enjoy these performances today. More will definitely be added, soon. We are proud to be able to bring you such clear, HD videos of performing dogs to keep you smiling daily. Seize these new ideas for dog behavior training, as they arise from show dog performances as beautiful as these canine events … Wow!

The Editors,  CC and GD