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Dogs Know When Owners Coming Home

Do Dogs Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home?

Is dog telepathy real? Is this a fact? Do dogs know when their owners are returning home? This video supports the hypothesis, after experiments were conducted. Dogs were closely observed. The owner would return in a different-sounding motor vehicle. No pagers or other electronics were used. Rhythms of coming and going  were irregular. How, then, did the dogs know that their owners were returning? Watch this inspiring video now:



Isn’t that information simply amazing? Dogs know when owners are coming home. It’s a testament to high sensory and extrasensory perception. Sensitivity of dogs. What do you think about this ‘knowing’ by dogs?

Please write a full comment below, telling us, Craig and Geoff, about your experiences with dogs. What have you seen? What sort of intelligence does your dog possess? Do you agree with the suggestion that dogs know when owners are coming home? Do they hear the car first? Is there a rhythm, like a 9-5 working day? Thanks for your interesting comments and chat, in advance. You can even do your own experiments, with dogs knowing about their owners’ feelings, moods, health level, and timing of return to the family home.


Top Model Dog Editors, Craig and Geoff, in New Zealand.