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Karma Korner Dog Behavior Think Tank

Questions & Answers

Karma Korner is a Dog Behavior Think Tank. Ask your questions here about dogs and their more unusual behaviors.  Anything troubling you? We will endeavour to answer every canine question!

First, we have a doggie behavior question from Dana  Dekker.

Question 1:

Dear Karma Korner, my dog Fripsy gets very excited when I take her in the car. We go shopping 3 times a week. Fripsy insists on sitting in the front passenger’s seat next to me. I think it would be safer if she was in the back seat, but she won’t stay there. Yesterday, she reached out and grabbed the steering wheel with her paws. We ended up in a bush after just missing a Bus head on !!! What should I do?

~ Dana  Dekker.

Answer 1:

Dear Dana, our new dog trainer, Grace, welcomes your rather challenging question, about your pet dog, Fripsy, who insists on sitting in the front seat of your car – and even attempting to steer the car. Heaven forbid. Grace suggests you either tie Fripsy in the back seat, or purchase a child’s car seat for the back, and tie her into that. You also might like to consider buying dog diapers. Just in case, you know!

General Recommendations For All Dog Lovers:

Tune in to your dog or puppy by talking softly, and modulating your
Voice in attunement with canine intuition. Let your voice tone rise and fall naturally, so the dog keeps paying attention to your tone and emotional mood. Stay positive.

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Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online

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If you want to train and shape your pet dog behavior fast, think of Dog Trainer VideosDoggy Dans online! With Dan, you’ll get immediate help with those annoying canine habits, like barking too much, jumping on your family and visitors, biting people, etc. Dan has developed training methods that work well.

Some dogs develop aggressive habits. Others are just a constant pain in the ass. If you observe what’s going on, very closely, what do you see?  (I mean all the dog’s play and interactions with humans, like family members..and visitors and the postman.)  What happens?

Quite unconsciously, the people might be rewarding or reinforcing your pet dog for unwanted, persistent, aggressive behaviors. Or the dog decides to start doing anything that gets your attention!

I suggest that you play a lot with your dog. Reward the dog with attention, approval, and praise, even a touch of affection — only if the dog is doing what you think of as good, or very positive, helpful or playful behavior.

Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online

The above, dog training videos will show you exactly how you need to change your own approach to your pet, first. YOU must first change, before your pet changes. It is a case of consciously creating a new environment, with a new set of conditions. In order for your dog to be approved and to be praised. You can even hold a handful of tiny, tasty, meaty or biscuit dog treats. Use the treats, only immediately after a very positive and desirable piece of behavior has happened.

Do you get that connection? The timing of reinforcement (reward) is critical for this effect to happen, modifying the dog’s unconscious habits.

This theory was developed by Dr B.F. Skinner, PhD, of Harvard University, Boston, from the 1940s to the 1960s. It is known as a radical behaviorist approach to behavior modification.


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Summary For Doggy Dan


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