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How To Cleanup Dog Poop or Diarrhoea Carpet

Poo .. Woof!  “Naughty dog!” The problem of how to clean up dog poop or stomach contents, or worse still – dog diarrhea – yukk – is a vexing issue that no sane dog owner or dog lover really wants to face… willingly … Woof! You did it…

There are owners who have experienced this problem a lot and have tackled it with expert advice we would like to make available to you.

How to remove dog poop or diarrhea and their persistent stains from your good carpet, from mats, bedding, etc. The following video is also going to be a great help to you. We think it is… here’s the video:


This video presents the ‘dry approach’ to cleaning up dog poop from a carpet, as opposed to the ‘wet approach’ to clearing these messes from your human living space.

We hope this helps you dog lovers a lot, to keep your house clean and healthy!

The Founders of Top Model Dog, CC and GD, seriously want to help you restore the original perfumed aromas of your beautiful home. Just because you’re dog lovers, you don’t have to live in stench. Here we provide direct, practical help for doable tips and ideas on how to clean up dog diarrhoea and dog poop on the carpet. You can easily remove diarrhea stains, deposited by canine pets and the smell of doggie poop anywhere in the home fast, simply by applying the above cleaning techniques in the video. Thanks. Craig and Geoff.

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One thought on “How To Cleanup Dog Poop or Diarrhoea Carpet”

  1. This is a practical page for giving help to any dog lover who might be crying over the mess left on a carpet — yes, by a beloved pet dog, whether dressed up or not! Click for expert advice, and make a point of watching the video. Some are suggesting a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, for the stain and odour removal … acetic acid, mild?


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