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Welcome World of High Class Dog Dressers!

Einstein_sm   Welcome to TopModelDog.com This is your first peek at the World’s Top Dog Show, my friends. Enjoy this moment. Cherish it, because things might get out of control in this Dog House really, rooly soon! I promise. Woof!  Who stole my freakin’ bone?? Where did you bury my doggie bowler hat, bow tie and best black dinner suit? I’ve got to know now or someone here will get a quick byte.

Poms In Perth – Pomeranian Spitz Show Dogs

proud-jayjay winter-pad-lake


P.S. Please remember to dress your dog thoughtfully and with consideration and a little passion, too, for our frequent dog dressing competitions. We can all have a lot of fun here at Top Model Dog.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome World of High Class Dog Dressers!”

    1. Thank you WordPress I do appreciate your helpful comment. Dog tips and dressage, hats and singlets are quite acceptable here now as we expand our possibilities, from moment to moment. WOOF.

    1. Yes Creve – you are advised to rush your dog through the cleaning process, grab that clean military uniform, dress Fido Creve post haste and hey….you’re in line for an award here on the Top Model Dog adventure!! Welcome to our canine focused Planet!

        1. Yes indeed, Creve! Some changes you suggested were promptly incorporated into the web site. Trusty German Shepherds were listed with their very own tag page. You could get a job here at Top Model Dog… Except, Creve, we’ve been pushed out to the 6′ x 6′ Dog House, by the womenfolk. Bless their Sox, Creve! Gotta love them.

          1. Yeah, my dog and i are on a lot of Boards !!! but always got time to suport a dog day afternoon.

    1. Agreed, Paula. She is a very loving, friendly, companionable dog. Quickly made a trust relationship. Must’ve been very well treated. Geoff.

  1. Ma dog Lucy loves a bone. She is a very loving doggy. She enjoys dressing up and romping around. This is a great website !! i love the comments and sum are reely funni, Jazz

  2. Hello guys at Admin, Hey we are all vaiting fer da next episode on der tall tales !!! My Kids are asking, Pappa, who is winning dat race ???? Yah ve all looking foward to see if Zippy win again.
    Ho, its such a funny one yah !!! Wolfie of Heidelburg

  3. Realizing a cloven hoof command, four paws swung around to approach from the beautiful end. A wag, a wag, a tail to picture bushy time,
    Up high like a tree or a soft love thought !!
    Mastered tho..

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