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Dogs More Intelligent Than Humans on Spontaneity

Woof! Dogs More Intelligent

The Breaking News from New Zealand is released!

Finally, the Te Aroha, Waikato based Journal Of Canine Psychology, Edition 9, Monday, 14 April, 2014 has revealed that:

Harvard (Town, Mass., U.S.) Studies were replicated, and after thorough, exhaustive tests of specific canine intelligence factors,

it was found that DOGS (Group 1, Poodles; Group 2, German Shepherds; Group 3, The Australian Shepherd; )  have a markedly higher  I.Q.  [specific:](r, s) than human beings…  Sorry, people. The specific measure r, s refers to objective measures of 1. responsivity (responsiveness to audible stimuli ) and, 2. spontaneity in timing of the generation of a creative response to a problematic situation. (Dogs more intelligent than most species.. )

Videos Of Highly Intelligent Dogs

I heard the words, didn’t you? “Australian Shepherds are absolute geniuses!” It came at the very end of this informative video.

Did you know? New research indicates that dogs misbehave more often at night because they understand when humans can or cannot see them. In this respect, our canine friends are like our children.
Wiki: Is a dog’s brain smarter than a human’s?  “Yes.”  Are dogs smarter than both cats and humans?  “Yes and no.”  Reasoning: Dogs have larger brains in proportion to their body weight, but smaller brains than humans in absolute mass. Size of the neocortex is generally taken as being directly proportional to the intelligence level as measured. But the specific intelligence of a dog is more akin to human emotional or spontaneous intelligence, rather than intellectual performance, as in a University examination. Think: Naturally. Woof.
Recent studies of animal cognitive ability prove that humans aren’t much more intelligent than dogs or monkeys. That’s news. Is it good or bad news??

A Counter View On Dogs is…

Dogs are on a similar level, or lower than, cats, in terms of intelligence. They are less intelligent than all monkeys (which includes apes and humans),  whales (which includes dolphins), many sharks, pigs, rats (and maybe mice), crows and ravens. They have the same amount of intelligence as all other land predators, on average (bears, felines and canines). Reference: Yahoo! Answers

Smartest dog back flip trick
German Shepherd Does a Back Flip in sync with the dog’s owner
Dogs are smarter than you think, and here’s proof above … geniuses in two ways that are rather challenging to quantify.  It’s no wonder that humans live longer with them.  Man’s best friend has survival value to the human being and especially for the ongoing emotional support of the elderly.
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3 thoughts on “Dogs More Intelligent Than Humans on Spontaneity”

  1. This will stir the pot of the intellectuals and academics, even the theologians who think themselves above the animal kingdom. Well theologians, you’re self serving animals as well. No different, fundamentally from a chimpanzee — having a 96% genetic similarity. You, cardinal… are probably less spontaneous than the average Australian Shepherd sheep dog, and decidedly less energetic. Your neocortex is cluttered with conceptual nonsense, as compared with an average (stimulus – response) responding canine brother.

    Face facts — on our measures of responsiveness and spontaneity, dogs are more intelligent than pastors, fathers, priests and scholarly university lecturers and professors, scientists and physiologists… can you handle the measured, objective truths imparted here?

    The Research Editor

  2. Observe: the Airedale terrier, above, is showing enormous levels of tolerance and patience with the human baby! It “knows” it can handle whatever happens. It has no anxiety or fear about sudden, dangerous or threatening events. It can handle it. Humans, on the other hand, ‘fear’ breeds like Bull terriers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Big Dane, etc., on total misinformation. In the *moment* you can tune in to a dog and come to some form of an agreement — all in the here and now … agree?

  3. Let’s face it… a dog is faster, more responsive than a typical human, more consistently loyal, faithful… is uber friendly and has am enormous desire to please you, the dog owner… who feeds the dog and definitely does NOT own it like a chattel of property. Life seeks greater flows of LIFE …


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