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Karma Korner Dog Behavior Think Tank

Questions & Answers

Karma Korner is a Dog Behavior Think Tank. Ask your questions here about dogs and their more unusual behaviors.  Anything troubling you? We will endeavour to answer every canine question!

First, we have a doggie behavior question from Dana  Dekker.

Question 1:

Dear Karma Korner, my dog Fripsy gets very excited when I take her in the car. We go shopping 3 times a week. Fripsy insists on sitting in the front passenger’s seat next to me. I think it would be safer if she was in the back seat, but she won’t stay there. Yesterday, she reached out and grabbed the steering wheel with her paws. We ended up in a bush after just missing a Bus head on !!! What should I do?

~ Dana  Dekker.

Answer 1:

Dear Dana, our new dog trainer, Grace, welcomes your rather challenging question, about your pet dog, Fripsy, who insists on sitting in the front seat of your car – and even attempting to steer the car. Heaven forbid. Grace suggests you either tie Fripsy in the back seat, or purchase a child’s car seat for the back, and tie her into that. You also might like to consider buying dog diapers. Just in case, you know!

General Recommendations For All Dog Lovers:

Tune in to your dog or puppy by talking softly, and modulating your
Voice in attunement with canine intuition. Let your voice tone rise and fall naturally, so the dog keeps paying attention to your tone and emotional mood. Stay positive.

The editors and trainers at Top Model Dog welcome our readers’ further questions.  More information.


The Editors, Top Model Dog dot com Dog Behavior Think Tank – Karma Korner, Questions & Answers to help fix dog behavior problems quickly. Thanks for your visit today. Return often for more Q & A chat.


Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online

Best Dog Training Video Course


If you want to train and shape your pet dog behavior fast, think of Dog Trainer VideosDoggy Dans online! With Dan, you’ll get immediate help with those annoying canine habits, like barking too much, jumping on your family and visitors, biting people, etc. Dan has developed training methods that work well.

Some dogs develop aggressive habits. Others are just a constant pain in the ass. If you observe what’s going on, very closely, what do you see?  (I mean all the dog’s play and interactions with humans, like family members..and visitors and the postman.)  What happens?

Quite unconsciously, the people might be rewarding or reinforcing your pet dog for unwanted, persistent, aggressive behaviors. Or the dog decides to start doing anything that gets your attention!

I suggest that you play a lot with your dog. Reward the dog with attention, approval, and praise, even a touch of affection — only if the dog is doing what you think of as good, or very positive, helpful or playful behavior.

Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online

The above, dog training videos will show you exactly how you need to change your own approach to your pet, first. YOU must first change, before your pet changes. It is a case of consciously creating a new environment, with a new set of conditions. In order for your dog to be approved and to be praised. You can even hold a handful of tiny, tasty, meaty or biscuit dog treats. Use the treats, only immediately after a very positive and desirable piece of behavior has happened.

Do you get that connection? The timing of reinforcement (reward) is critical for this effect to happen, modifying the dog’s unconscious habits.

This theory was developed by Dr B.F. Skinner, PhD, of Harvard University, Boston, from the 1940s to the 1960s. It is known as a radical behaviorist approach to behavior modification.


Review Of Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Videos

Here, Mandy Hiliard talks about her experience with her Siberian Husky. Much spoiled? You be the judge, as she recommends Doggy Dan’s …



Thanks for reading this much of our brief article about Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online video training for dog lovers who want a more acceptable set of habits and behaviors in their beloved pet dog. Pooches and puppies are fun. However, you need to start very early with dog toilet training. You need to keep control of surroundings and how they affect the doggy behavior, as it develops. You can do it better with Dog Trainer Videos – Doggy Dans Online.

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Doggy Dans Dog Trainer Videos
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Summary For Doggy Dan


Behavior Problem: Dog and puppy behavior problems?

Want to see the easiest and fastest way to train your dog or puppy?

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Discover the Powerful Dog Training Secrets to Overcome 30+ Common Dog and Puppy Behavioral Issues with STEP-BY-STEP Instructions from One of The World’s Most Skilled Dog Trainers!” Doggy Dan!!

Are you facing any of these 34 problems with your dog or dogs?


Geoff Dodd, Dog Trainer Editor


Note: Top Model Dog is an affiliate of Doggy Dans Online. We may receive a small commission for helping you solve your dog behavior problem. But heck, it is worth it, isn’t it? Dog problems like howling all through the night can be a pain in the ass. So do click through now and really enjoy the videos. They just might fix your dog behavior problems. No guarantees. Your behavior is involved in it, too. Observe your own behaviors too. Thanks. Ed.


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Dogs Know When Owners Coming Home

Do Dogs Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home?

Is dog telepathy real? Is this a fact? Do dogs know when their owners are returning home? This video supports the hypothesis, after experiments were conducted. Dogs were closely observed. The owner would return in a different-sounding motor vehicle. No pagers or other electronics were used. Rhythms of coming and going  were irregular. How, then, did the dogs know that their owners were returning? Watch this inspiring video now:



Isn’t that information simply amazing? Dogs know when owners are coming home. It’s a testament to high sensory and extrasensory perception. Sensitivity of dogs. What do you think about this ‘knowing’ by dogs?

Please write a full comment below, telling us, Craig and Geoff, about your experiences with dogs. What have you seen? What sort of intelligence does your dog possess? Do you agree with the suggestion that dogs know when owners are coming home? Do they hear the car first? Is there a rhythm, like a 9-5 working day? Thanks for your interesting comments and chat, in advance. You can even do your own experiments, with dogs knowing about their owners’ feelings, moods, health level, and timing of return to the family home.


Top Model Dog Editors, Craig and Geoff, in New Zealand.

How To Talk Intelligently With Dogs

How to talk canine with your pet dog

You can easily talk with a dog, and predict how the dog will respond. First, you must assure yourself that the canine friend is not a neurotic or worse – a complete lunatic or psychotic dog. Some are .. so beware.

You must understand that dog communication and dog behavior are lawful. These animals use fairly stereotypical sounds and symbols. Not all woofs and barks are equal. There’s a curious, friendly and interested woof, and there’s a low warning growl, and an all out war cry!

Approach the dog slowly, expressing warm, positive, good vibes, saying, “Hello boy. Nice to see you now. How are you?”

Wait for the reply. Watch closely for cues and signals.

Positive Responses:

A wagging tail, a curious turn of the head, smiles, most approach behaviors, bounding forward, licking — are all very positive  responses.

Negative responses:

Standing firm, defensive postures, warning sounds, such as a low growl… Action? Back away slowly, keeping your eyes on the animal.

Keep up the good vibrations. Reassure the dog that you mean no threat or harm. Nothing to defend against. No fight to happen, no territorial disputes whatsoever …

Talking With Dogs – How To Communicate:


Learn the doggie language. Look for the same cues and signals that dogs would use in their own communications. Tiny movements of the ears, the lips, any teeth-baring? Our human smile might be semi aggressive teeth baring behavior to a dog. Tail movements, up, down, sideways, watch and respond carefully as some, deep unconscious part of your reptilian nervous system will understand all of these canine and mammalian signs, signals and movements. Believe firmly that you are equipped to understand a dog and they’ll love you all the more for trying.

Simple acknowledgement of a basic bio equality – man with animals – leading to unity in communications, will take you a long, long way towards being an expert dog whisperer! Here’s how to talk canine with your beloved pet dog. Communicate better with all dogs. All the best to you, dog lover, for making a concerted yet relaxed effort in trying to communicate better with both your pet dog, and most so called strange dogs. Remember, we’re not responsible for damages if you get your canine communicating a little bit wrong or asynchronous.

The Founding Partners, Top Model Dog . com

Dog Whisperer Department


Performing Dogs – Dog Obedience Training

Performing dogs back flip trick
German Shepherd Does a Back Flip in sync with the dog owner


HD Videos Of Performing Dogs

We at Top Model Dog are not easily impressed, or over prone to getting excited – but today? Wow…. we are so, mightily impressed with these videos of performing dogs, as the level of dog obedience training involved here, is stupendous. A big Woof!! is heard issuing out of our upper storey administrative suite. If you want to see heeling, backwards stepping, perfect timing, then these doggie videos are certainly your cup of canine cappuccino. Here’s the first series:


Isn’t that an awesome showing of dog discipline? Performance like that requires a top model dog and a lot of very skillful training, as you know.. The level of obedience exhibited here, above, suggests to the editors of Top Model Dog that the dog is totally loving and enjoying the whole experience! It is not ‘forced’ at all, is it?

Enjoy these performances today. More will definitely be added, soon. We are proud to be able to bring you such clear, HD videos of performing dogs to keep you smiling daily. Seize these new ideas for dog behavior training, as they arise from show dog performances as beautiful as these canine events … Wow!

The Editors,  CC and GD

How To Cleanup Dog Poop or Diarrhoea Carpet

Poo .. Woof!  “Naughty dog!” The problem of how to clean up dog poop or stomach contents, or worse still – dog diarrhea – yukk – is a vexing issue that no sane dog owner or dog lover really wants to face… willingly … Woof! You did it…

There are owners who have experienced this problem a lot and have tackled it with expert advice we would like to make available to you.

How to remove dog poop or diarrhea and their persistent stains from your good carpet, from mats, bedding, etc. The following video is also going to be a great help to you. We think it is… here’s the video:


This video presents the ‘dry approach’ to cleaning up dog poop from a carpet, as opposed to the ‘wet approach’ to clearing these messes from your human living space.

We hope this helps you dog lovers a lot, to keep your house clean and healthy!

The Founders of Top Model Dog, CC and GD, seriously want to help you restore the original perfumed aromas of your beautiful home. Just because you’re dog lovers, you don’t have to live in stench. Here we provide direct, practical help for doable tips and ideas on how to clean up dog diarrhoea and dog poop on the carpet. You can easily remove diarrhea stains, deposited by canine pets and the smell of doggie poop anywhere in the home fast, simply by applying the above cleaning techniques in the video. Thanks. Craig and Geoff.

Dogs More Intelligent Than Humans on Spontaneity

Woof! Dogs More Intelligent

The Breaking News from New Zealand is released!

Finally, the Te Aroha, Waikato based Journal Of Canine Psychology, Edition 9, Monday, 14 April, 2014 has revealed that:

Harvard (Town, Mass., U.S.) Studies were replicated, and after thorough, exhaustive tests of specific canine intelligence factors,

it was found that DOGS (Group 1, Poodles; Group 2, German Shepherds; Group 3, The Australian Shepherd; )  have a markedly higher  I.Q.  [specific:](r, s) than human beings…  Sorry, people. The specific measure r, s refers to objective measures of 1. responsivity (responsiveness to audible stimuli ) and, 2. spontaneity in timing of the generation of a creative response to a problematic situation. (Dogs more intelligent than most species.. )

Videos Of Highly Intelligent Dogs

I heard the words, didn’t you? “Australian Shepherds are absolute geniuses!” It came at the very end of this informative video.

Did you know? New research indicates that dogs misbehave more often at night because they understand when humans can or cannot see them. In this respect, our canine friends are like our children.
Wiki: Is a dog’s brain smarter than a human’s?  “Yes.”  Are dogs smarter than both cats and humans?  “Yes and no.”  Reasoning: Dogs have larger brains in proportion to their body weight, but smaller brains than humans in absolute mass. Size of the neocortex is generally taken as being directly proportional to the intelligence level as measured. But the specific intelligence of a dog is more akin to human emotional or spontaneous intelligence, rather than intellectual performance, as in a University examination. Think: Naturally. Woof.
Recent studies of animal cognitive ability prove that humans aren’t much more intelligent than dogs or monkeys. That’s news. Is it good or bad news??

A Counter View On Dogs is…

Dogs are on a similar level, or lower than, cats, in terms of intelligence. They are less intelligent than all monkeys (which includes apes and humans),  whales (which includes dolphins), many sharks, pigs, rats (and maybe mice), crows and ravens. They have the same amount of intelligence as all other land predators, on average (bears, felines and canines). Reference: Yahoo! Answers

Smartest dog back flip trick
German Shepherd Does a Back Flip in sync with the dog’s owner
Dogs are smarter than you think, and here’s proof above … geniuses in two ways that are rather challenging to quantify.  It’s no wonder that humans live longer with them.  Man’s best friend has survival value to the human being and especially for the ongoing emotional support of the elderly.
Thank you for visiting the informative Dog Lover’s Web Site, Top Model Dog .com
The Founding Partners, GD & CC Editorial Newsletter

Dog Toys Treats Clothes Leash

Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Clothes for Dog Dressing, Leashes, Dog houses, Dog crate or travel container items and a lot more ..

Please hold your mouse over any item to see what happens. Woof! Eureka… more information about the dog items will appear. A star rating from product reviews, the price of the item and a brief description. Now click through the item to see hundreds of similar, related items in different colors. Amazon has the best pet product range at the lowest prices. You’ll get immense value for money on dog items here. The customer support will impress you, too.

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The Managing Partners

P.S. Thought you’d love this little video .. about a Dog’s nature


Dog Behavior Training Tips

Dog Behavior Training Tips

A couple of years ago, I used to get a kick out of taking our three healthy, highly energetic Spitz Pomeranians to a local park where they could run around a treed lake. It was like a true paradise. The 3 dogs would sit patiently with me while I threw pieces of bread to the mallard and grey ducks. Sometimes, they couldn’t hold back any longer, and pounced towards a close duck who was taking a risk to grab the bread. The leash was always held – just short enough!

The 3 Spitz dogs and I learned a lot during these sessions. We could sit together in meditation and the lake would become a pure, Zen place to behold. We tuned in to each other and realized there were limitations to our behavior. No pouncing on hungry ducks. No scaring little children… although they were usually extremely friendly with children.

One dog considered a piece of bread to be a treat, while another, Jayjay, turned his head away from bread and refused to even lick it or consider it a reward. The picture shows what Jayjay wanted: pride of place, total acceptance with almost human status. Dog esteem. Social equality. I began to understand that Jayjay feels proud when accepted, praised and loved well as an aware, perceptive being. This ‘tuning in’ to dogs is the first step we must take when trying to influence their behavior. Your dog senses your emotional vibrations. He or she knows when you’re happy, joyful, sad, or just chilling out and relaxing, as dogs have these emotions, too, and they’re probably much more highly attuned and sensitive and sympathetic than we are. We really ought to wake up to a dog’s ‘stimulus-response’ level of consciousness and its normal, required activity level.

As you know, dogs love a treat. That’s a small bite of very tasty food. But don’t just hand it out for nothing! Make it a conditional or contingent reward. This way, you’re actually starting to shape up the dog’s behavior. Show the dog the positive behavior that you want to reward or reinforce. Wait for beginnings of the desired behavior. Quickly reinforce (reward) the bit of behavior when it appears.

Don’t punish undesired behavior because that’s still a lavishing of (negative) attention. Ignore bad behaviour if possible. Just be ultra ready to quickly give a tiny treat when you see the actions and behaviors that you want, being displayed. The dog wants to please you. Your dog yearns for your attention, acceptance, approval, praise and affection – exactly as your child does, so use these emotional rewards when the dog does what you want her to. They create more trust, loyalty, security and affection with your canine partner.

The trick to effective dog training, then, is to stay positive. Just as it is with human beings. It’d be wonderful if everyone could stay positive when describing desirable and undesirable behaviour. Here are some dog training tips and possibilities that you might like to explore further. I’m sure you’ll vastly improve your relationship with your canine friend… just by staying positive.



Behavior Shaping

Remember – you actively shape your dog’s behavior by the way that you consistently respond to the dog. Your own habits are deeply involved in this. The dog tunes in to how you’re feeling and to any schedules of feeding that you apply, conditionally or unconditionally, wittingly or unwittingly!

Here’s a Video – Training Dogs To Drive a CAR

Here’s a program that’s extremely popular with dog owners. Why is it so popular? Well, it was carefully created by dog experts from around the world – including an expert veterinary technician, a
professional dog trainer, a well-known professional breeder, a popular show dog trainer, an animal rescuer and some enthusiastic pet parents. I think then, being an ardent dog lover, you’d better take a long and careful look. Woof!

Get skillful at dog training

Your dog thanks you with sloppy licks for being cool, and always taking a loving, positive approach to his behavior training!

The Editors.

Feed Your Dog For A Shiny Coat Of Hair

How To Feed Your Dog For A Shiny Coat Of Hair

As you know, dog competitions require a shiny coat. The dog’s hair must radiate out your loving kindness you’ve shown your pet over the weeks preceding the show or competition. Good condition is a huge boost to your chances of winning an award. The body of a dog is a protein factory,  just like yours. You need, then, a good supply of the right types of amino acids and naturally sourced vitamins and enzymes. We’ve found something that you simply must see, to get your dog the edge in these dress up competitions!

It is a highly informative video about nutritious treats for your high performing and much loved pet dog:

This video will show you how to feed your dog for a shiny coat of hair and general doggie wellbeing. Make sure you enjoy this awesome dog food video. Great!

Woof! Admin hopes you pick up some great ideas for showing your dog in a better light – using these two video sources. The first doggie video at the top of the page points you in the general direction that we are moving in, here at Top Model Dog. The green text link takes you to expertise in the dog nutritional arena. Thanks and do enjoy!

P.S. Folks, you can scan this QR code easily to gain much quicker access if you’re using a smartphone with a scanner app – these apps are available absolutely free at Google PlayStore and Apple App Store…  as you know:

dog food secrets nutrition for canines
Dog Food Secrets you need to know for a shiny coat of hair


Nutrition is always, bar none, the optimal method to achieve a shiny coat of hair on your canine companion. If you are interested in putting doggie Rover or Alfie into a dog show, the get the best nutritional supplements and food. The attendees and judges always admire most, a happy, energetic, yet well disciplined dog with a surprisingly shiny coat of hair. It stands to reason. Health equates to beauty in canines as well as in human beings. Attend first to the levels of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids such as marine triglycerides. That will work wonders with shininess of the coat.

Geoff Dodd,